Smiling, while making the impossible possible: The Amani Festival

3. Februar 2020

The Amani Festival takes place in the very East of the Democratic Republic Congo. And thus in a region that is marked by war and human rights violations. And for a long time Goma is known as the place with the worlds biggest, locally rather under strong critism, UNO-Peacekeeper Mission.

We visited Goma and the Festival Crew because we are sure that they are this place’s real Peacekeepers and -makers. We share this Vibe with you, because we are convinced that culture can change places and people and that Guillaume Bisimwa, Arlette Musungay and their team in Goma are accomplishing truly great deeds.

Enjoy the first edition of our little series SHARE A VIBE!, support their work or maybe even pay a visit to the incredible Amani Festival.